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Poster: LSnet Date: Jul 14, 2003 3:01am
Forum: sflan Subject: Getting started in Union Square area

I own a coop apartment one block from Union square. Would I already have SFLAN access here, or do you want me to start the wheels rolling to put an antenna / booster / whatever on the roof of my twelve story building? I may be able to talk the other owners into it if I can put together a case for the advantages. Where is an "overview" of SFLAN, as well as the rules or process for association? So far, it looks like a "dude" sort of site with not a lot of orderly communications, but forgive me if I'm being sexist and have missed the kernel where all is revealed. (I've set up various wireless LAN's in my office and home, and am a programmer, so have technical orientation.)

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Poster: Molly_B Date: Jul 14, 2003 3:40am
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Getting started in Union Square area


I am the customer service type person for sflan. You can get an antenna for your roof for $1000. This will connect you into the network if you can see another node from your roof top. Is your building locked in by buildings or can you see very far? There are other ways to use sflan as well depending on your lines of sight to other nodes. Please email me directly at and we can talk more about this.

Talk to you soon!